Editorial Policy

The dictionary’s entries are selected according to two principles: connecting the dictionary with the major themes of anthropology and their current theoretical and empirical evolution, and connecting the dictionary with the current terms of research as it is now being conducted by practicing researchers. The editorial team invites authors to write their dictionary entries based on these two main criteria.

The entries then undergo single-blind review by members of the editorial board and external readers from the international committee or from farther afield. The evaluation criteria are as follows: Is the scholarly literature sufficient and relevant ? Does the entry make sufficient use of the debates in the relevant literature? Is there a genealogical dimension in the entry’s treatment (history and updating)? Is the definitional aspect sufficiently clear? Is the tone suitable for a dictionary, i.e., does it reflect a plurality of points of view as opposed to a single outlook? Is the text sufficiently readable? Does the cited bibliography meet the standards of the dictionary in its current form?

Once reviewed, the entries are returned to the authors. In the course of an exchange and clarification process, the authors then meet the scholarly and editorial standards of the dictionary. The entries are subsequently reviewed by the board to make sure that they satisfy the reviewers’ requests. Finally, they go through proofreading. Completed entries are then published and made available directly online.


Open access distribution and copyright policy

The texts published in Anthropen are original texts. They are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoChange 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license. This means that the texts may be copied, distributed and shared by any means and in any format provided that they are attributed to their author(s), that they are not used for commercial purposes, and that they are copied, distributed and shared without modification.

Under the terms of the publishing agreement, the authors assign the copyrights to their texts to Anthropen.